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59. Доклад (Перфилова Е.В.)

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                                                                                                                       Перфилова Елена Викторовна             
                                                                                                                      учитель иностранного языка
                                                                                                                      МОАУ «СОШ № 88 г. Орска» 
    Английский язык
    Класс: 11
    УМК: Английский в фокусе, под ред. Афанасьевой О.В., Дули Д, Михеевой И.В., 2012
    Уровень: базовый
    Тема:  Доклад ( Report)
    Общее количество часов: 102
    Общее количество часов, отведённое на изучение темы: 13
    Место урока в системе уроков по теме: Модуль 5. Урок 59.
    Тип урока: урок совершенствования навыка письменной речи
     Цель урока: научить писать доклад на английском языке
    Обучающие: - 
     знакомство  с алгоритмом написания  доклада,  
    формирование  и развитие навыка письменной речи 
    активизация  употребления в письменной   речи учащихся  пассивного залога  глагола;
     повышение интереса обучающихся к изучению иностранного языка и стране изучаемого языка,  воспитание  уважения к особенностям и этикету переписки, характерным для англоязычных стран
    способствовать развитию языковых, интеллектуальных и творческих способностей учащихся
    содействовать развитию умений коллективно деятельности
     Планируемый результат: формирование практических умений использовать полученные знания для написания доклада,  совершенствовать навыки   совершенствовать навыки письменной речи.
    Техническое оснащение урока:   компьютер,    мультимедийный проектор
    Дополнительное методическое и дидактическое обеспечение урока: презентация Power Point,   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68kDApw-eLU 
    Содержание урока
    I. Организационный момент
    T: Hello, students! Nice to see you.
    Ss: Nice to see you too!
    T:  Let’s begin our lesson. 
    II. Мотивирующая речевая разминка. Определение темы, постановка цели  урока. Мотивация учебной деятельности учащихся.
    T: Firstly, look at the slides of presentation and tell me what is it?
    (Презентация к уроку 59,  слайд 2)
    S1: It is a letter. A personal letter.
    T: Yes, you are right. It is a personal letter. Do you like to write letters?
    S2: I like to write letters. 
    S3: I don’t like writing letters. I think,  it is old fashioned. There are more modern ways of communication and expressing your ideas.
    T: OK. You may have your own idea on the topic. Look at this slide. What is it?
    (презентация к уроку 59, слайд 3)
    S4: It is a report. 
    T: Absolutely. What can you say about  report? is it necessary to be able to write it?
    S5: I think, it is necessary to write a report.  You can get some information from it and give some information to  a  person.
    S1:  It may be necessary for  future study because students often write reports on different topics.
    S2: It may be necessary for your future work because a report is a way of informing authorities about different problems. 
    T: Yes, absolutely right. So, you can name the topic of our lesson, can’t you?
    S3: The topic is report. We are going to learn to write a report.
    III. Введение новых знаний
    А) Чтение  
    Идентификация разных отрывков. Учащиеся читают отрывки, предложенные в учебнике и определяют, какой из них доклад.
    Т: Read the extracts  A-C  on the page 92 and elicit which one  is from a report.
    S1: I think C is from a report. The style is very formal. 
    S2: A is an advertisement and B is a formal letter. 
    T: That;s right. 
    В) Определение структуры доклада (парная работа)
     Т: Now let’s work with some theory material. Read some information about report and understand the structure of it.  You may work and discuss all the information in pairs.
    Учащиеся работают с информацией и обсуждают её, пытаясь определить составные части доклада.
    (презентация к уроку 59, слайд 4)
    S1 The structure of  report is introduction, main body, conclusion.
    T: That’s very good . Let’s have some practice. Ex. 3, P.93
    (презентация к уроку 59, слайды 4-9)
    Динамическая пауза Учащимся предлагается видео для расслабления и небольшая гимнастика для глаз. 
    (видео к уроку 59)
    С) Определение слов связок
    T: You are Ok with the structure of a report. But as you can see, a report consists of several extracts, so they should be connected with each other.  What are they connected with?
    S: They are connected with special words
     T: Yes, with special words, we can call them linking words. Work with the exercise 4 to find out what linking words you use while writing a report. 
    Учащиеся работают с учебником, прочитывая слова связки, необходимые для логического изложения информации в докладе
    D)  Закрепление    материала
    T: You are to work with the exercise 4b on page 93. Try to use appropriate words or phrases to fill in the gaps. 
    Учащиеся работают самостоятельно с упражнением. 
    T: Have you finished? Let’s check.
    (Презентация к уроку59, слайды 10-15)
    S1: Although lots of activities are organized at the community center, they are poorly advertised. For this reason, the centre is not being used as much as it could be.  
    S2: I would recommend that pop concert be held in the park in the  summer so that there is something to interest teenagers too. 
    S3: To begin with, some of the windows on the first floor are cracked. Secondly, the whole building  badly needs repainting. 
    S4: The entrance hall also needs improving, especially the old- fashioned décor and poor lighting. 
    S5: It would be a good idea to repaint the community centre in a more modern style. By doing this, we could encourage more young people to participate in activities. 
    T: Great job!  You can see that a report should be written in a formal style. 
    Now let’s have more practice about the formal language of a report and do the exercise 5 on page 93.
    (Презентация к уроку59 слайды 16-21)
    S1: Doing this would make the place more appealing to students. 
    S2: The purpose of this report is to suggest improvements to the school entrance hall.
    S3: The flats are uninhabited and should be demolished. 
    S4: Finally, I would strongly suggest  that language classes be held at the community centre.
    S5: The library would attract more residents if it had a larger collection of books.
    T: You have done it  perfectly!  Let’s have some practice in writing reports. Ex. 6, P.93
    You should look attentively at the exercise, correct mistakes and rewrite the report. 
    Учащиеся просматривают упражнение, находят ошибки и исправляют их. 
    (презентация к уроку59, слайды 22-28)
    S1:  The first part is not complete. There is no information   whom the report is from and date is not mentioned. 
    S2: The introduction is written in unappropriate way.  The aim of this report is to suggest ways of improving Shipton Park to make the park more attractive and popular.
    S3: Appearance. There is no information about the recommendations which should be done to make the park better.
    The park is in need of more plants, flowers and trees. Therefore, I suggest that more gardeners be employed by the council. In this way, the park would look better for visitors. Also, there is a lot of litter in the park. I strongly recommend an increased number of litter bins and fines for visitors who litter the park.
    S4: facilities. The incorrect name of the paragraph. The passive constructions should be used. 
    To begin with, I feel the park’s facilities could be improved. At the moment, there is no children’s playground, so one should be built. In addition, a cafeteria could be opened and a small football pitch constructed.
    S5: To sum up, I believe that these recommendations would improve the park immensely and encourage more people to use it. This part is correct. 
    Подведение итогов.  Рефлексия. 
    Учащиеся выражают свое мнение об уроке и знаниях, полученных на нем. 
    T: That’s right. Your work at the lesson was great today. What can you say about the lesson? What have you learnt? Have understood everything?  
    S1: The lesson was very useful and informative. We have got information about writing a report in English. 
    S2:  It was  not easy  for me. I think, it will be quite difficult to write a report but I will try 
    S3: It was not very difficult for me and I think I will be able to write a report. 
    Домашнее задание
    Базовый уровень: раб тетрадь: стр41, упр1,3
    Повышенный уровень: написать доклад (любая тема, интересная для учащегося)
    T: The lesson is over, you may be free. Goodbye.
    Ss: Goodbye

    Автор(ы): Перфилова Е. В.

    Скачать: Английский язык 11кл - Конспект.docx

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